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Trick and FAncy Shooting

Boot ShootingFor over twenty years, Howard has been combining his Fast Draw and gun spinning skills to create an amazing trick & fancy shooting show. Blanks are used in these shows to shoot balloons held by assistants, which makes for a spectacular performance.

Some of Howard's tricks include shooting five balloons off an assistant in under a second, shooting two targets so fast it sounds like one shot, and shooting a target behind him using the sole of his boot to cock and fire the gun. Please check out the animated graphics and videos on the right to see some of these tricks in action.

   Video Clips  

Video of Howard Shooting 5 Balloons
5 Balloons
Shooting five balloons off an assistant in under a second.
Windows Media format
    (18 seconds, 243 Kb)

Mpeg format
    (18 seconds, 1.5 Meg)

Video of Howard Boot Shooting
Trick Shots
Shooting 5 balloons, boot shooting, balloon out of air - twice each.
Windows Media format
    (18 seconds, 241 Kb)

Animated Graphics
Click to view animation

5 Balloons
Howard Shooting 5 Balloons

Boot Shoot
Boot Shooting
View closer shot
in slow motion

Out of the Air
Shooting a balloon out of the air

eXTReMe Tracker
Performing at a Basketball game
Howard performing at a basketball game half-time show

Trick shooting from the CMT series, All Jacked Up:
All Jacked Up on CMT

1997 interview with trick shooting, Fast Draw & gun spinning:

Warning! These tricks are performed using full-powder blanks to break balloons, and Howard is a highly trained trick shooter taking many safety precautions. Blanks can be extremely dangerous. Please do not try these tricks yourself.

Please contact Howard at to book a trick shooting performance.

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